Review of Adoption Roulette
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October 12, 2018

Dear Friends,
My name is Philip Langner and I am the President of the Theatre Guild. The Theatre Guild was founded by my father, Lawrence Langner, and others in 1919. Next year, we will celebrate our centennial, which includes more than 225 Broadway plays, 5 movies, and numerous tours in our 100 years—all of which help to shape American Theatre. The Theatre Guild was founded on the simple principle to produce important plays of quality that illuminate the human condition.

We have discovered a play to feature for our centennial celebrations, which we believe is not only important but very timely, called Adoption Roulette. The play tells the extraordinary true story of an ordinary Connecticut couple who follow their dream to adopt a little girl from Russia. As the play unfolds, the audience is drawn into a web of lies and deceit which seem almost like a Hitchcock thriller.

The play, as written, is currently being performed with three actors, Elizabeth Fuller and Joel Vig, who are also the writers of the play, as well as Sachi Parker. To see this play performed is, quite simply, amazing. It is so commanding and incredible. One of the most powerful pieces we have ever experienced in the theatre, with as much—if not more—suspense as two of our movies Judgement at Nuremberg and The Pawnbroker.

We know that this thrilling play will be a success wherever it is performed. Audience members have been left spell-bound and surprised by this powerful true story and we urge you to consider it for your theatre.



Philip Langner
The Theater Guild