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Adoption Roulette Review
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Review of Adoption Roulette by Philip Langer, President of the Theatre Guild. 'We know this thrilling play will be a success wherever it is performed.'

Press Release (10/08/2018) for Adoption Roulette

As Mark Teitelbaum, producer of The Crazy Ones, has said, 'This story is riveting from beginning to end.'

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Directory for Me and Jezebel by Elizabeth Fuller

Winner: Best Play of 2016.
Me and Jezebel tells a story you won’t hear about on any cable documentary...the evening is teeming with incident and asking the writer to single out any particular episode is like asking John Gielgud to name his favorite speech from Shakespeare...
The New Yorker

Press Release (2016) for Me and Jezebel by Elizabeth Fuller

Franco/German TV Network ARTE will be doing a documentary about Elizabeth Fuller and the 20-year, worldwide run of her stage play — Me and Jezebel. They will be filming both at her Weston, Connecticut home and on the 8:00pm Friday night show.

Theatrical Script (Revised 02/18/2019 Version) of Adoption Roulette

Adoption Roulette: A Russian Adoption — A One Act Play — by Elizabeth Fuller & Joel Vig
Note: This is a two-person play. Elizabeth Fuller plays herself and narrator; Joel Vig is the onstage voice of all the other characters. Running time: 90 minutes

Adoption Roulette — A World Premiere — co-written by Elizabeth Fuller & Joel Vig

 January 31–February 2 and February 7–9, 2020

The Interrupted Journey — An Extraterrestial Encounter

 — A New Play — by Elizabeth Fuller & Joel Vig
Note: Extensive background information about the true story behind The Interrupted Journey — by Connecticut Post reporter Amanda Cuda

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